Cassie's Sweetz is not your average bakery! 

Our first love is breastfeeding moms, then vegan treats, next JustU* Cookies /cupcakes and last but not least organic fundraisers. We even offer science shows at catered events.

Get them at your front door, mailbox, or farmer's market! You choose!  


Our goal is to help normalize breastfeeding by helping more mother's produce her own milk and providing fun, gorgeous, healthier treats for everyone, for any occasion at a fair price. ~Cassie, Teen Baker 

Note from your personal baker, Cassie- How I got started

Hello, I'm Cassie, teen scholar and baker from Charlotte NC. Since becoming vegetarian, I've learned how to enjoy yummy treats without any animal or toxic by products. From my older southern family chefs and a few awesome cookbooks I received the encouragement to perfect these "Clean Treats."

 After a few months my then nursing mom challenged me to add a few ingredients to help mothers like her increase their milk supply. I accepted the challenge and to this day they have been my number one sellers right after my signature Oreo icing! 

I have many recipes and welcome you to make a request. Thank you for your support in advance!

Eating Clean,