Quotes My friend just moved to California and said that she was having a lot of trouble with milk production so she ordered some of your cookies(I gave her some right after she had the baby). She said that now she is producing so much milk and gets to eat yummy cookies!! Thank you!! Thank u for the message Heather;))) Quotes
Heather Jacobs
Nursing Mom

Quotes Cassie has been working really hard to earn her page. Support her by patronizing her or sharing this page! Once she gets enough support, she can start give a ways! Any b'day party's coming up? Think Cassie's Sweetz! She's the sweetest young thing baking! Quotes
JabeLa Ledsi
Satisfied Mom

Quotes Love it love it love !! Quotes
Veronica Lorean Queen

Quotes This young budding chef is awesome. She uses wholesome ingredients in her sweets for all. She makes them for sweet-tooth's like me, as well as, vegan, gluten free, lactation, and more. Watch out world. Quotes
Flo Ward
Satisfied Mom, educational instructor, & client